Fitness Classes & Workshops in Dalston and Carlisle

Claire teaches a range of classes in Dalston and Carlisle, Cumbria and online on Zoom:

  • High Intensity (HIIT Classes)

  • Bootcamps 

  • Step Class 

  • Yoga/Pilates 

  • Breathing classes and 1-2-1 sessions

  • Anxiety Workshops and 1-2-1 sessions

  • Qigong

  • Stick Mobility

Fitness classes in Dalston and Carlisle Cumbria and online on Zoom - CG Fitness Body and Mind

Introduction to Qigong Workshop

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Body Conditioning

Ideal for beginners or advanced fitness levels.

A mix of weights, toning and strengthening exercises. Each week the class will be different to keep things fresh and to make sure your body doesn’t get used to doing the same things week after week.

We use weights, resistance bands and sliders to give your body a full workout.


A good level of fitness is recommended for this class.

A fast and fun workout to get you burning calories. You will be left breathless but smiling.


Ideal for beginners to advanced fitness levels. Exercises can be adapted to suit all abilities 
A mixture of weights and cardio, and depending on the weather we might do some sessions outdoors. 
A fun but tough class. 



Combining moves from Yoga and Pilates, this relaxed workout will allow you to stretch out those muscles and re-charge the body.  

Body Tone

A slower paced class a mix of Pilates, Barre and Yoga and Qigong.


The Health & Fitness practice of 2021.
It is an ancient Traditional Medicine Chinese practice that combines the Mind, Body and Breath.

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Stick Mobility

Simple, fun and effective.  

Stick Mobility will help you move better, increase flexibility, help with rehab and prevent future injury.

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