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Alternative Spa Days

Are you needing some well deserved time out to relax and enjoy some self -care?  Feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or anxious? These Wellness days will be just what you need to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Choose from a range of well-being sessions:

* Mindfulness/Meditation  


*Gua Sha (facial massage and sculpting)

* Face Yoga

* Acupressure

* Tapping Therapy (EFT) 

* Nutrition (Eat the Rainbow)

*Anxiety and stress management

* Personal Development - Life MOT/Breaking Bad Habits


“We had not seen each other for a year and had all suffered emotionally from lockdown. This was a lovely way to get together , enjoy some relaxation and leave feeling refreshed and ready to face the  post covid world  with positivity" 

Relaxation & Wellness Days

Our relaxation days are set in a beautiful, quiet, and calm location. 

The days are designed to help you relax and leave the outside world behind. You will leave the day feeling relaxed yet energised and with a positive outlook. Ideal for groups of 6 and perfect for a group of friends, birthdays, Mums and daughters, hen parties. 

Contact Gua Sha
Friends Relaxing on Grass

Relaxation Day Prices

Half Day Session:

Including lunch or afternoon tea

Starting from £75 

Full Day Sessions:

Please contact to organise a bespoke package

Contact Claire to plan your day.

Qigong Relaxation day afternoon tea - CG Fitness Body and Mind

Corporate Days:

I run well-being workshops and classes for corporate clients. Contact Claire to plan your day.

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