Stick Mobility in Cumbria

Stick Mobility is a way to get to you to the next level of movement and performance.

From CrossFitter to the Weekend Warrior, Strength Training to rehab, Stick Mobility is suitable for everyone. 

Stick mobility stretch classes are simple, fun and effective.  

Stick Mobility class - CG Fitness Body and Mind
Stick Mobility Class Carlisle - CG Fitness Body and Mind

What are the benefits of Stick Mobility?

This revolutionary new training system benefits everyone through a progressive approach to fitness, mobility, and muscle activation, regardless of your age or level of performance.  

Stick Mobility will help you to:

  • move better

  • increase flexibility

  • help with rehab

  • prevent future injury

Stick Mobility Class Dalston - CG Fitness Body and M

What Stick Mobility sessions are on offer?

Claire offers a number of sessions in person in Dalston and Carlisle, Cumbria and online:

  • Stick Mobility group classes

  • Stick Mobility online classes

  • 1-2-1 sessions

Check out the current class timetable or contact Claire to discuss what you are looking for.