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Claire Gray - Holistic Health

at The Health Studio, Dalston

I offer  traditional Chinese medicine treatments, breathwork re-training, posture and movement work to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Using acupuncture, qigong, and other therapies and activities I work to treat a variety of physical and mental health conditions.

In addition, I provide fitness, health and wellness classes at The Health Studio. I'm passionate about helping my clients improve their quality of life and find balance in life. Everyone’s journey to optimum health is unique, so I take a personalised approach to each individual. I look forward to helping you reach your health goals.

A woman sat meditating in the lotus position.

"I've had some amazing advice an acupuncture for my Plantar Fasciitis for which I found some immediate relief. Claire also advised on suitable footwear and I am now trying new techniques aiming to more barefoot approach"

Suzie. B, Client


I run a number of classes, courses, treatments, and Wellness retreats.

Here are some examples:

Acupuncture therapist putting needles into someones back as part of a therapy session


Individuals may seek acupuncture for a broad range of conditions.

These include, but are not limited to aches and pains, physical problems, mental or emotional conditions, fertility, chronic and acute illness or as a preventative treatment for health and wellbeing.

Woman practicing Qigong


It is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that combines the Mind, Body and Breath.

It involves slow considered movements which engage the mind, body & breath, taking you into the ‘Flow State’ allowing you to completely relax.


Face & Body Treatments

Would you like to look less tired & fresher faced in a natural way?

The relaxing facial rejuvenation treatment plumps skin, reduces wrinkles opens the eyes and lifts the face.

Are you in pain? Is your posture poor? I work with the body's fascia to release adhesions and improved alignment and pain. 

Would you like to discuss how Acupuncture, or any of the other treatments on offer, could help you? Contact Claire today.

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